Rose and Dave are from Adelaide and flew over to Western Australia to have a good look around. They have been to a lot of the State’s tourist hot spots such as Rottnest and the Treetop walk and a friend told them to check out Denmark.

While they were walking around our amazing town, they noticed the sign e-bike tour’s and came in for a chat. Next minute, they cancelled their massage for the following morning and signed up for what was to be an awesome day.

As we left for our tour Rose was a little concerned about her knee but all those concerns were soon laid to rest on the first hill where she was amazed by how easy the e-bikes make climbing hills and also how the seat goes up and down allowing her to easily mount and dismount the bike.

As we rode along the trail both Rose and Dave were blown away by Denmark’s diversity which is complemented at this time of year by the thousands of wildflowers.

Once completing the tour we sat down with a juice and reflected upon the experience which they described as the best thing the had done while in W.A. This was something I was stoked to hear and I’m so pleased that we are providing an experience that travellers will remember for the rest of their lives.